Marketing, Where To Begin

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

You're a business owner, you have a to-do list a mile long and marketing constantly gets pushed to the bottom, naturally. Where do you start? Social media? Email marketing? Event planning? Cold calls? I could go on and on. Literally. There are 163 different types of marketing! 163! it is no wonder why you may feel lost or overwhelmed.

If you find the time to sort through which one you'd like to do, unfortunately, using just one of these tactics won't work either, you need to utilize the formula that works best for your organization and industry. On top of that, the absolute key is consistency. Meaning it isn't valuable to your audience if you do a Facebook post once or twice then an email newsletter, and then host an event. If you're all over the place with your marketing, your customers can see this.

It is crucial to have a strategic, holistic marketing plan in place to keep your existing clients connected and new clients coming in the door. Klu Creative can help your business with the conception, creation, and execution of your marketing plan. We will meet for our initial 30-minute risk-free consultation to discuss your business's goals and objectives, then we will come up with a comprehensive plan, meet again to discuss the plan and execution strategy, and how we can work together to keep within budget and timelines.

Shoot us a message to set up our initial call! Remember it's free and there is no risk!


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